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WordPress Repair

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Garnet Solutions has developed expertise in repairing WordPress websites. This has become a favorite kind of work because it involves investigation and problem solving.

Here are a few examples of repair projects we’ve completed:

Broken Access to Admin Panel

Venture’s site was built by an in-house developer who had since left the company. Meanwhile, for unknown reasons, it was impossible to log in to the admin panel. Therefore the website couldn’t be updated. Garnet Solutions came in and duplicated the site on a development server with a fresh WordPress installation and updated the existing custom theme to work with the latest version of WordPress and to duplicate the existing website. Extensive CSS coding and some PHP was involved.

New Home Page Layout

Allison Rimm and Associates liked the look and feel of their custom theme for the most part, but wanted to change the layout of the home page to shift the emphasis and how they engage users. Garnet Solutions edited the home page PHP template to create the new layout and edited the CSS files to be sure the existing look and feel of the theme was consistently applied.

Responsive Design

CallingWorks had parted ways with the person who developed their website. Since then more and more users were accessing the website with mobile devices and it became critically important that the site appear well on all devices. Garnet Solutions created media queries in the CSS files to make the site fully responsive.

Features Not Working

The Swan Boats had worked with an agency who’s programmers had moved on. After the website was fully launched, the client discovered that the Alerts feature they requested that would enable them to quickly add a message announcing a closure due to weather, for example, was not working. Garnet Solutions is working with them to make that feature of their custom WordPress theme functional.