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WordPress Maintenance

To remain an effective tool that supports your mission, your website needs regular attention. You’ve probably heard that having fresh, up-to-date content is important—for your users, but also for search engine optimization (SEO). The same is true for the technology that is your website’s foundation. The web is constantly evolving and having the latest, most-secure software is important for the same reasons: user experience and SEO. These software improvements often include security enhancement and they also make your site easier to edit, make pages load faster, or otherwise benefit you or your website visitors.

You may think no one would have any reason or desire to attack your website, but even the smallest sites offer a rich target for hackers, who may find it easier to go undetected while they make mischief and damage your site’s reputation with search engines. If you don’t regularly maintain and update your website, you are exposing yourself.

That’s where Garnet Solutions can help.  We know your website and can keep it running at its best. We monitor key online sources in the website developer community on a daily basis to ensure we know about any security vulnerabilities or other problems that might impact our clients. We provide you with peace of mind.

Benefits of a Website Maintenance Plan

  • On-call expertise from someone who knows your website
  • Regular software updates
  • Regular monitoring
  • Strategic planning for your website
  • Peace of mind

Our Plans

See description of each service below.

ServiceBasicStandardFull Service
Software UpdatesMonthlyMonthlyWeekly
Uptime Monitoring24/724/724/7
Security CheckNAMonthlyWeekly
Google Analytics ReviewNANAMonthly
Client ReportMonthlyMonthlyMonthly
Content Updates/Month
(does not roll over)
NA30 minutes60 minutes
Strategic ReviewNANAAnnually
Pay Monthly$59$99$199
Pay Annually$599
(15% discount)
(16% discount)
(16% discount)
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Your website hosting probably keeps regular backups, but it’s always good to have a copy kept elsewhere as well. Garnet Solutions uses an automated backup system that’ll backup your website files and database every day and keep those backups for 90 days, longer than most website hosts.

Software Updates

On a regular basis, we log in to your website to review all WordPress, theme, and plugin updates available.  We then 1) make a backup, 2)  install all updates, and 3) review your site for issues related to those updates. If anything goes wrong, we immediately restore our backup so your site has minimal downtime. We’ll then investigate the problem and contact you to discuss our proposed solution. We’ll also alert you in advance if we learn of updates that are likely to make changes you need to know about, for example, a major new WordPress release.

Between scheduled updates, we stay on top of any security issues.  When a security vulnerability is announced, we immediately review your site to determine whether you are affected. If you are and a fix is available, we’ll make that fix as soon as reasonably possible. If no fix is available yet, we’ll contact you to discuss options (like temporarily disabling a feature to avoid issues).

Uptime Monitoring

We use a tool that will alert us by email if your website goes down. Often this is only a brief time-out, however if it’s a bigger issue we want to know immediately so we can take action. If the problem requires further action, we will notify you with a plan and additional cost estimate, if any.

Security Check

We have a tool that scans your website files for evidence of hacking. If there are any strange files found, we’ll investigate and let you know what needs to be done to fix it.

Google Analytics Review

We’ll take a look at the activity on your website and see which pages are getting the most visits and where there might be an opportunity to improve the user experience. From time to time, we may recommend making some changes.

Client Report

We’ll send you a report that lists all the updates we made, the result of the security check, etc. so you’ll have a good idea of what we’re working on.

Content Updates

We’ll make any changes to the content (text, images, videos) of your website that you need. If the work exceeds the time allotted in your plan, we’ll bill the extra time at our hourly rate of $120/hour.

Strategic Review

Once a year, we’ll take a deep dive and look at your website as a whole. How is it performing? Which search terms are working and which need to be highlighted? Are there plugins that are no longer maintained that should be removed or replaced? How does your website appear on different size devices? We’ll send you the results of our analysis and make recommendations on what could be better.