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Why the Name?

“Why Garnet Solutions?” I am asked. Choosing a business name is not easy these days, especially when so many great ones are already taken. So how did I find this one?

Let’s start with the Solutions part. I like to be able to solve people’s problems, especially if they involve computers and technology. I love building websites, but I also enjoy desktop publishing, financial analysis, and figuring out how to customize, for example,

Now for Garnet. The idea of a gem appealed to me because rocks describe who I am: steady, reliable, sometimes sparkly and colorful, and simply there. Garnet is my birthstone and when I looked it up I discovered it is associated with trust. So it felt right all the way around. I also learned that garnets come in a rainbow of colors; not just the dark red I usually envisioned.

So there you have it: Garnet Solutions can provide an array of services with integrity!