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Shopify is a pleasure to work with, and we recommend it for anyone who wants to set up an online store. If you are considering Shopify or have a Shopify site already, we can help with:

  • Migrating your store from another platform
  • Customizing themes
  • Setting up complex product options and variables
  • Adding and setting up apps for product reviews, wishlists, etc.

Shopify Portfolio

Here are a few websites we’ve migrated to Shopify from other shopping cart platforms. In each case, we also customized the theme.

Jennifer's Handmade Soap
Jennifer's Handmade Soap found working with OpenCart increasingly frustrating, so we migrated their website from OpenCart to Shopify. All products including images, customers, and orders were transferred over and a new design was set up by customizing a pre-built theme. Order processing is has proven to be a smoother experience.
Love Your Peaches
Transferred this online store into new Shopify website. Significant database work required because of high level of customization of every product. Transferred customer and product data plus images.
Shop at Artworks
New Shopify website, transferred from OpenCart. Important to keep integrity of all data including customer and product details.