How We Work

Every project is unique, but this outline will give you an idea of how we work.

garnet-step-oneAt Garnet Solutions, our first step is to meet with the client to review their needs. If a new website is wanted, we’ll review the existing site (if there is one) and talk about what works and what doesn’t as well as what new features are desired. We will outline major components and goals for the site and gain understanding of who the audience is and what the client wants the end user to do upon arriving at the website. If you are not sure what you need, GS can provide expert advice and can work with you to develop options.

If there are changes that need to be made to an existing website or problems that need to be addressed, … that need to be addressed on an existing website, the meeting would include identifying those problems and reviewing of how the existing site is built so that a scope of work can be determined. We have experience resolving problems such as not being able to edit your website, redoing the home page layout, updating underlying software for better security and performance

At the end of the meeting, with a thorough understanding of the project, we can put together a proposal. Our proposals generally provide a project cost for a specified scope, although we are happy to work on an hourly basis if preferred.

garnet-step-twoProposal is provided to client for review. The proposal includes a project cost estimate, the scope of work, and a projected time line. The proposal is revised as needed to expand or contract the scope or address other questions.

garnet-step-threeOnce the proposal is accepted and signed and the initial deposit is paid, we start our research and material collection phase. Depending on the project, this may include: design development, research on different software options, finding and collecting images, gathering text content…generally making sure we have all the pieces of the puzzle ready to be put into place.


Picture of jigsaw puzzle with major features finished

Website development starts; major features first.

Development begins once the pieces are gathered. We set up a local test website environment and use git for version control. This test environment will be used for development, testing, and initial progress reviews. Major pieces are put in place first.

garnet-step-fiveQuality Assurance and Testing When the website is ready for final testing, the website will be deployed on a test site in your hosting environment and will be password protected. This will make the website available to the client for thorough review and testing without it being public. At this point, a thorough review is conducted and any remaining issues are resolved.

Picture of jigsaw puzzle that's almost finished

Development is completed and final testing is done.

garnet-step-sixAfter final client approval, the website is launched on your domain for public use.

Picture of completed jigsaw puzzle

Development is complete and website is launched!