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Garnet Solutions creates and manages websites for customers who don’t have the expertise or time to do it in-house. We can build a new website, create a new design and incorporate existing content, or fix or maintain a website that’s already been built. Our experience with WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, Joomla, HTML, CSS and search engine optimization allows us to address many web-based challenges. We answer technology questions and give advice about best practices in website development. Whether you need a new website or help maintaining one you already have, we can help!

Doing an Amazing Job

I think your tech person is doing an amazing job – I can only imagine the difficulty of presenting and cross-referencing so many styles, variations, fabrics, etc. with so many essential photos – and in such an ever-changing inventory. It’s really impressive, and kudos to her and everyone who’s part of the project.

Love Your Peaches Customer

Creating a strong visual message

Wanted to give Ellie a big shout out for her expertise in both the technical aspects of web development and…

Marian Klausner

Expertise, Professionalism

Ellie Boynton of Garnet Solutions helped me get my website up and running for my new consulting firm and I could not have chosen a better provider.

Susan Silberberg

What a pleasure!

What a pleasure it was working with Ellie on my web site! Ellie helped me develop a better version of what I had envisioned.

Liz Martin